Legal News for 06/03/2014

Legal News for 06/03/2014
  1. Scott Morrison brings back cap on asylum-seeker protection visas (via The Guardian)
  2. Former law lord says 3,500 prisoners behind bars longer than necessary (via The Guardian)
  3. Beth Warren waits on sperm legal fight result (via BBC News)
  4. Judges should be discouraged from allowing cases to be heard in private, says head of Supreme Court (via The Telegraph)
  5. BBC to offer legal service apprenticeships (via The Lawyer)
  6. Apple security rules leave inherited iPad useless, say sons (via BBC News)
  7. Osama bin Laden son-in-law agreed to help terror campaign, court hears (via The Guardian)
  8. Bid to change the law for Rugby World Cup ticket touts (via BBC News)
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