Legal News for 03/02/2014

Legal News for 03/02/2014
  1. Hedge funds attack Porsche board over alleged market manipulation (via The Guardian)
  2. Fracking opponents say a drilling site near Fernhurst is now surrounded by hostile landowners (The Telegraph)
  3. Jury service age limit should be raised to 75, ministers to say (via The Guardian)
  4. Legal liabilities in the FTSE 100 are becoming a “threat to balance sheets” (via The Telegraph)
  5. Dutch mayors want to cultivate cannabis to reduce criminal activity (via The Independent)
  6. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy could be ruled a crime (via The Telegraph)
  7. Shrien Dewani has lost his appeal to block extradition (via The UK Human Rights Blog)
  8. First non-white lawyer to start a practice in the City (via The Telegraph)
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