Becoming a Medical Negligence Lawyer

Becoming a Medical Negligence Lawyer

With the recent failings of services such as the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust in 2010, more and more legal experts are being called on to help add some colour to the grey areas between patients’ health fears and the mistakes of their carers which could have been prevented. Medical negligence cases are on the rise, as evidenced by the ever-growing online job boards seeking medical negligence lawyers.

Medical negligence cases are on the rise, as evidenced by the ever-growing online job boards seeking medical negligence lawyers.

Changes to the law mean that, aside from exceptions which involve lasting and severe brain damage to children, legal aid will no longer be available to those wishing to make a claim of medical negligence against healthcare providers. It means that the baseline means of support for anyone who has been adversely affected by medical negligence has been removed, making the possibility of getting compensation a much more difficult prospect. Lord Saatchi has controversially asked to remove doctors from liability in any negligence claim to allow them to innovate in treatment of patients, but Mark Bowman, medical negligence expert from Field Fisher Waterhouse had this to say:

It is easy to sympathise with this view but it cannot be stressed enough that patients have a legitimate expectation that protocols and correct procedure will be followed. It should not be left to individual doctors to “innovate” as they see fit on patients who, by their very nature, are in an extremely vulnerable position.

The importance of knowing your stuff is therefore in higher demand, as this law has triggered a rise in demand for medical negligence lawyers, and as such there are ways to switch focus to maximizing your business in this area.

Continuing Professional Development

Also known as CPD, this process – offered by sites such as – aims to boost the ongoing development of any professional for whom a continual re-evaluation of their field is required. People in roles as diverse as pharmacists, administrators and lawyers are all expected by their regulatory bodies to undertake continual study to know how their chosen industry shifts. Medical negligence claims are one such process which is consistently scrutinised to achieve best practice; lawyers can pick up CPD hours by attending seminars and even listening to podcasts to learn more information which can prove valuable in their day-to-day work.


The Law Society provides an accreditation scheme in many different fields for lawyers who will need to prove that they have the experience and knowledge of specializing in their chosen field in order to receive that endorsement. Having such a recognition bestowed upon you by the UK’s regulatory body will place you in an elite field of experts who are best-equipped to handle any such legal matter; therefore, being accredited as a medical negligence lawyer will stand you in good stead to people who are seeking to make a new claim, giving them peace of mind.

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