A Guide to Understanding Injury Claims

Accidents happen all the time and people are bound to get hurt. Whether the injury happens at the workplace or in a public facility, an individual could be entitled to compensation for somebody’s negligence or actions that resulted in physical or psychological harm.

Who is Entitled to Compensation?

Individuals involved in an accident that was somebody else’s fault may be entitled to make an injury claim for compensation. The other party involved in the accident has to be a person, an organisation, a company’s employee or a specific body. Being capable of identifying the other party is an important prerequisite for an injury claim.

Injury claims have a time frame and the sooner the claim is made, the better. UK residents have the right to claim with one solicitor, as long as the injury took place in the last three years.

Types of Injury Claims
Injury claims could be related to different kinds of accident. There are several common types of personal injury claims that solicitors work on.

Road traffic accident claims are probably the most common variety. These are sub-divided into car accident, motorbike accident, pedestrian accident and child accident claims. Workplace injury claims are the second most common type of claim.

Other kinds of injury claims are related to sports injuries, holiday or travel injuries, medical negligence, housing disrepair claims and claims connected to the malfunctioning of products.

Finding the Right Solicitor
Finding the right solicitor for your injury claim is very often the determining for the success of the claim. First, and most obvious, you need to make sure that the solicitor specialises in injury claims and knows how to present your case appropriately.

Make sure that the solicitors that you approach to take your case have the necessary licensing and training to represent you. Finding a member of the Law Society Personal Injury Panel is always a great way to get started. Go through online client reviews to help you figure out how successful the solicitor is at representing their clients.

The payment method has to be examined for you to be happy with the outcome and the compensation you receive. Choose a solicitor that will not deduct a percentage of the compensation. Many solicitors will also offer assistance on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. This option is the most affordable and beneficial for most injury victims.

Many people are influenced by ads and the promotional claims of law firms. Minimal fees and guaranteed results are usually a sign of an offer that is too good to be true, so do your homework thoroughly before choosing a solicitor to represent you.

Injury claims are a vast niche area that includes different kinds of accidents. Have you suffered injury during an accident caused by somebody else? If you have seek assistance immediately, as you are most probably entitled to compensation.

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