Niche Career Look: Becoming a Social Security Lawyer

There many different variations of lawyers and legal representation out there in the world, and while they all have the same fundamental ideas behind them, they’re all a little different. This is true of those dealing with social security representations as well.

What is a social security lawyer?

An attorney who specializes in social security is someone who works with clients who are on social security or are just now applying for social security benefits; sometimes referred to as social security disability lawyers.

These lawyers will help claimants when it comes to applying for benefits by thoroughly going through all of the applications and paperwork with them and putting some of the more complex wording and policies into simpler, easier to understand phrases so people know exactly what’s going to happen in the future as they apply for their claim.

These types of attorneys will also assist those who have already applied for social security benefits but have been denied for whatever reason.  They will strive to help them appeal the rejection decision and get them the benefits they are entitled to.

A Social Security lawyer is responsible for gathering medical records, physician statements, functionality reports, and other types of evidence relevant to the case at hand to help prove to the court as well as the insurance company that the person in question is indeed eligible to receive the benefits they’ve applied for.

What are the education requirements for this field?

If someone is looking into becoming a lawyer specializing in the social security field, they’ll need to get a bachelor’s degree under their belt before going forward and successfully the Law School Admissions Test in order to get accepted into a law school.

For students studying this field, they’ll get a lot of coursework in their respective genre of career including dealing with the different social security benefits and understanding why some people get denied while others get accepted, and what the options are after a decision has been made.

Many times an internship will be required to continue with a career in social security representative and all aspiring lawyers will be required to take the BAR exam and successfully pass before they will be able to legally practice law in their respective state.

When it comes to social security representative, lawyers in this field will also probably need to constantly renew and update their certifications to ensure that they’re still allowed to practice law.  These can vary depending on what the state decides or what new laws and rules are being released at the time.

What is the projection for this career?

Lawyers who choose to specialize in social security representative should see that they don’t have much of a hard time finding employment whether on their own or by joining another established firm.  This particular field of attorneys is projected to keep growing with the years, making it quite a profitable career to get into right now.

What is the salary?

This will vary greatly depending on where the firm is stationed and if it’s part of a firm or if it’s a standalone operation.  In general, lawyers in this field should be able to pull in at least fifty thousand dollars a year plus benefits.

Social security representative is a great career to get into right now with some great projections coming out for new openings for these types of lawyers.  Anyone who is interested in this type of legal representation should check out the local law schools and see what the requirements are to be accepted.

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