A Guide to Living in London for Law Students

A Guide to Living in London for Law Students

Why is London so popular for law students?

If you want to study law in the UK, London is without doubt one of the best places to do it. According to figures published in The Guardian, four of the top ten law universities in the country can be found in the capital – London School of Economics (2), University College London (4), Queen Mary (6) and King’s College (9).

Each of these institutions accepts only the best students, with the entry requirements of LSE behind only the Oxbridge universities in terms of difficulty. Course satisfaction rates at these universities are all at 90 per cent or higher, while each of them offers excellent future career prospects.

As such, they attract only those who are truly serious about a career in law. If this applies to you, then one of your earliest considerations should be finding student accommodation that will enable you to fully take advantage of the opportunity to study law in London.

What to look for from your student accommodation

Having achieved a place at one these prestigious universities, it is important to allow yourself the best environment in which to succeed. Your accommodation is a huge part of this, as it is where you are likely to be spending most of your time. As such, it is good to undertake a lot of research into where you will be staying so you can ensure it suits your requirements.


Location is of course a key consideration. Not only is a hassle-free journey more convenient, it will also leave even more time for study and even a little leisure time. Ideally, you should look at student accommodation in London that has convenient public transport links.

The underground and bus network both accept the affordable student Oyster card and can get you around the city quickly with relative ease.

There is plenty of accommodation available near to the city centre. It is a good idea to stay somewhere that is close to the city centre, but not right at the heart of London. This has the double advantage of ensuring you have a quiet environment to study in, and also keeping you away from the temptations of the London social scene.

You can find plenty of areas that will provide you with this, such as the pleasant North London borough of Islington or stylish West London districts such as Hammersmith.


For some students, enjoying the experience of living away from home is one of their primary concerns when arriving at university. However, for law students this may be slightly different. Ideally, you will want somewhere relatively peaceful, and may wish to have a whole place to yourself rather than sharing living areas with other residents.

There are many en suite accommodation options out there that provide not only a bedroom but also a living area, kitchenette and bathroom, allowing you to enjoy as much privacy as you need when there is studying to be done.

Often, student accommodation rent includes major expenses such as water, electricity and internet, allowing you to spend more time with your textbooks and less time worrying about lots of separate bills.

The good thing about a city the size of London is that, with a little bit of digging, you are almost certain to find something that suits your needs. Choosing the right accommodation for you is vital, so it’s worth investing the time to seek out the best available.

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