Using Sources Other than Books to Learn

As a law student, you will spend countless hours diving into books and trying to learn as much as  you can. This is not only time consuming, but it is also incredibly draining. If you don’t learn easily through books, it can take even more time than necessary leaving your burnt out and struggling through school. Finding alternative means of learning is a great way to mix things up and process the information in a more effective way.

Communicate With Classmates

Your classmates are your colleagues of tomorrow. But you will need to bond with these people in order to make it to that stage of your life. Set up collaboration meetings with your classmates. You guys can share information, help each other with assignments and use each other as resources of encouragement. Only your classmates really understand what you are going through, so utilizing what they learn and combining it with what you learned can take your knowledge to the next level.

Meet With Other Lawyers

Find someone that is already working as a lawyer. You need to find the right lawyer to help you with your education. This person will love the opportunity to help mold a young mind. Pick their brain for stories of their experience or help with a particular subject that you are going through. In exchange for their knowledge, offer to help out around the office with administrative tasks for free. This type of internship can be just what you need to excel in law school.

Use the Internet as a Tool

Ultimately, one of the best resources you have at your fingertips is the Internet itself. You can find articles, papers, videos and blog posts from law professionals around the world. This is a resource that you can access any time of day for any reason. While it may not help you form a bond with your classmates, and it may not give you valuable connections and work experience in the industry, it will provide you with a collaborated amount of professionals from around the world.

Using a combination of these methods will enable you to digest the information in a more efficient manner. You won’t feel as burnt out by your education when you do different things to keep it interesting. While the books may give you invaluable information, the things your learn from speaking with classmates and other professionals can be even more helpful to you in the long run.

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