Sport, Physical Recreation and the Law – Review

Sport, Physical Recreation and the Law – Review

Publisher: Routledge Publishing
Date of Publication: 26 Jun 2009
Length: 352 pages

Sport, Physical Recreation and the Law encourages students to engage with topics that are likely to affect those that participate in sport or physical recreation whether they study law or not. Hartley’s text covers legal systems, terminology, databases and case law. It is not a dry text book that states the law as it is. Hartley offers exercises, hypothetical scenarios, tasks and seminar activities to not only learn the law, but to think about how the law applies, to demonstrate your understanding and to engage with the legal issues in sport.

Nine chapters cover legal sources, principles and applications of tort law in sport, socio-legal perspectives on sports violence, discrimination, harassment and Child Protection, risk management and breaches of health and safety, an overview of selected manslaughter cases in sport, sport disciplinary processes and doping cases, and reform of offences against the person and its implications for sado-masochism, hazing and cage fighting.

The principal reason why I bought this book was for its chapter on reform of offences against the person and its implications for cage fighting. There are several exercises in this chapter which encourage students, or casual readers, to critique, evaluate and debate important cases and Law Commission reports in the area. There is a very short section on the law of offences against the person as it pertains to cage fighting which is informed by research performed by a postgraduate student of the author and the author’s own research into the Law Commission.

This is a text book ideal for introducing students to legal concepts and to the law as it applies to sports, whether they are undergraduate students or students doing A-Levels with an eye on doing Sports Law in later studies.

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