The New Student Lawyer

The New Student Lawyer

We launched the first version of The Student Lawyer a little more than a year ago. Since our launch, we’ve worked hard to improve the website and continuously improve and add new features. Over the last few months, our product team has been focusing on building a new version of The Student Lawyer, offering a better experience and improved functionality. Today, we’re unveiling the product of this hard work, and we couldn’t be more excited.

We’ve rebuilt the site from the ground up. We literally went back to the drawing board and started from scratch. We’ve completely redesigned the website, giving it a more modern look and feel. We didn’t use a single line of code from the old website and we started with a blank canvas when it came to organising the home page. Through this complete rebuild, we’ve been able to improve the speed of the website and load times by over 50%. We’ve also improved commenting, added post ratings and built new mobile versions for popular devices including the iPhone, iPad and many Android devices.


We started with a blank page and completely rebuilt the homepage. We went from a newspaper style layout with multiple columns and lots of text, and replaced it with a completely new grid layout. We wanted to make the most out of our best and most popular articles, so we packed a grid full of 9 of our top pieces and filled it with images.

Our aim was to create a design that was beautiful, as well as usable.


Our previous website didn’t really have a way to use it on the go without losing some of the features of the website. In the new version, it was really important to make a website that would work on any device, no matter the screen size or software. We’ve built a website that will automatically resize to any screen size, meaning you’ll get all of the great features you use at home, on your mobile. Our product team also worked hard to ensure that articles and images displayed perfectly too. Now you can take The Student Lawyer with you wherever you go!

Extra features

We recognised the need for a vibrant and active community. We know how important it is to engage our readers and involve them in our content. We’ve introduced an improved commenting system. You can now login with your favourite social network and comment on any of the articles on the site. You’ll be able to rate comments up or down, and reply directly to the commenter. Best of all, the comments are integrated with your social networks, meaning you can reply directly through Twitter.

We’re offering rewards and incentives, just for commenting using our improved platform.

We’ve also introduced rewards and incentives for the most active participants in our community. By achieving high ratings and ‘Likes’ you can earn rewards such as iTunes and Amazon gift cards. With the new Student Lawyer, you really can get rewarded just for sharing your opinion.

We’ve also added a completely new review feature. You’ll be able to get an instant snapshot of how the reviewer scored the app, book or television show they were reviewing on a number of criteria. The new review view is a brilliant way to get a quick idea of what the reviewer thought of the item, before reading the full review.

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