Silk – The Golden Thread of Season 2

Silk – The Golden Thread of Season 2

The conclusion of the BBC’s legal drama, Silk, delivered a scintillating story built upon the foundation that the previous episodes slowly created. If the previous episodes were too slow and seemingly aimless, then its conclusion was expeditious.

Martha Costello finally found her feet as a QC. After spending three episodes completely opposed to the idea of representing Jody Farr, she decides that the freedom of a previous client is satisfactory enough to persuade her to represent someone she knows to have been responsible for the death of a another previous client. When she makes that decision, she starts to look like the QC that she was supposed to be. She is dedicated, passionate and, above all, she’s looking out for the best interests of her client without needing help from someone else. It’s those qualities that eventually unravel the story that has been hiding in Peter Moffat’s drama.

Shoe Lane’s Head Clerk, Billy, amidst the biggest trial in Shoe Lane’s history, is not focusing on the fact that perhaps the biggest drug dealer in England and his courier are being defended by Shoe Lane QCs, but prosecuting is a QC on the verge of joining Shoe Lane (though notably absent for reasons discussed below) and a Shoe Lane barrister that very probably should be QC and appears to be running the trial himself as a Junior. Billy has prostate cancer and, with that, his perspective and outlook have shifted.

Clive Reader’s impending hearing for misconduct is looming near. That being said, despite asking for Martha’s help, Clive takes the trial as an opportunity to poke and prod at Martha’s decision to represent Jody Farr. Is it gamesmanship? Concern for a friend? What it is is misguided; why upset the person you’ve chosen to represent you? Martha will represent Clive to the best of her ability, regardless, but he has to be bonkers to wind up the person who is in charge of keeping his career alive.

Lady Macbeth’s transition to Shoe Lane appears to have gone through, given Billy’s change of heart. CW’s drinking problem mentioned by her previous Clerk to Billy came to the fore as a bottle of water was discovered to be clandestine. The most shocking development of the season finale was Martha unravelling a web of deception and intrigue that resulted in Micky Joy’s betrayal of Jody Farr. I could explain more, but to be quite frank, I’d be robbing you of the entertainment value of seeing it unravel for yourself. So, if it wasn’t apparent before now, you should go and watch Silk.

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