Silk – Devil’s Advocate

Silk – Devil’s Advocate

In Silk‘s penultimate episode this season, the Fatima Ali trial comes to a conclusion, Martha Costello receives what must be one of the Supreme Court’s quickest judgments handed down to date and Clive Reader’s relationship with George Duggan comes to an abrupt end.

Lady Macbeth interviews with Shoe Lane’s senior end; Alan Cowdrey QC, Martha Costello and Clive Reader. CW’s impending arrival appears almost certain. Will the season finale throw a spanner in the works? Will Billy triumph over the prosecutorial encroachment on his defence empire?

Martha and Billy fall out over Billy and Micky Joy’s repeated overtures for Martha to represent someone who quite probably was responsible for the death of one of her clients. How much will it take to get her to represent the drug kingpin? Apparently not much. Give her evidence of police impropriety in the Fatima Ali case so her client can walk free and she’ll do it.

During the lead up to the Ali trial, CW offers Clive the opportunity to join her as her junior in the Jody Faa prosecution. Rather than keep his girlfriend, George, happy, he chooses his career and orchestrates Martha’s representation for Fatima Ali.

Finally, Micky Joy gets what he wants. Perhaps there is an insider joke when Micky, played by Phil Davis (also Peter McLeish) says ‘I should have been a Clerk’ when attempting to get Martha on side. After much protesting by Martha about how she wouldn’t work with Micky, nor represent Jody Farr, we see what she will do in order to represent the devil.

Roll on next week.

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