Silk – The Boon of a Pupil

Silk – The Boon of a Pupil

I found Silk’s fourth episode rather pedestrian in terms of pacing. The first three episodes have been plodding along, happily developing the respective stories being told and in the fourth it seemed to come to a halt. Very little happened. Martha represents a defendant charged with corporate manslaughter. Surprise, surprise – the big, nasty corporation turned on its employee and tried to make him out to be the bad guy.

Clive is tasked with interviewing pupils for the pupillage vacancy. Surprisingly Clive is most interested by the pretty young female pupil, Layla George, and seemingly uninterested by the pupil who appears to most be able to benefit Chambers, Daniel Lomas. Fortunately Clive walks into an ambush ‘We’re choosing my pupil’ says Reader, to the reply of ‘I think that makes the decision rather easier’ from Shoe Lane’s Head of Chambers. Ouch. Billy continues to appear intent on chastising Clive for wanting to prosecute without his prior permission.

Following a trend of most of Season 2, Martha needs someone else’s help to win. This time it is the help of Shoe Lane’s pupil with some insider, specialist knowledge to win the case.

Clive Reader receives a letter from the Bar Standards Board about his previous behaviour in Oxford. He tries broaching it with Martha several times until he breaks down and approaches Martha which can only be reminiscent of a chastised child going to their parent after their parent warned them not to do what they were going to.

The Lady Macbeth, CW, meets with Shoe Lane’s Head of Chambers and the move seems set – Ms Warwick QC shall be joining Shoe Lane and Billy’s ideal criminal defence emporium appears dead in the water. How will Micky Joy take it when he finds out that Shoe Lane entertains prosecution and defence? Billy starts to gather information on CW.

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